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  1. you racists ass people are gonna bring me to tears how dare you be hatin on michael jackson he was proven innocent becouse the people came out and said they lied about the rapes just to get his money damn hes dead now just give him a break please

  2. its by michael jackson and a couple of people. and its super touching :]


    the are BIG musician
    and they aren´t RAPISTS like michael j.

  3. Michael was the greatest entertainer of our generation. His unbeatable talent lasted over many generationas and will always stay strong. Nobody now can beat his talent. May he rest in peace.

  4. RIP Michael, we all miss you damn much.
    You have inspired SO many people in your life..
    Thank you for all the good songs, man.
    Have a nice time in heaven, where we will seeing you again 🙂 Goodbye, legendary king of Pop.

  5. WE ARE THE WORLD!!! FOR YOU MICHAEL JACKSON!! VIVES en el recuerdo de una infinita luz que regocija nuestros corazones de PAZ!! porque sabemos q tu presencia es significado de TRASCENDENCIA Y EXITO!!! …

  6. I totally agree with you on the trailer trash moms! It makes me sick that they got bookoo bucks even if M.J. did do what they accused him of. The only thing that makes me think he was guilty was because why would he pay 22 million if he wasn’t guilty? I’m really not a mean person & I apologize because my comment made me sound like one. He really was troubled & I felt so bad for him because of that.

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