Top 10 Playstation 3 2009 Most Anticipated games

This Video is based on my personal opinion of what my top ten most anticipated games are for the Playstation 3 in 2009. If you think that a game should be in here, look at the date this was made and look at the date of when the Game was announced. If this video is made before the game was announced, then thats why it doesn’t appear in this SUBSCRIBE! Don’t forget to visit for the latest game news, videos, releases and reviews, previews written by me and the crew …

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  1. it is so many games that are good coming this year and 2010
    all my games im going to get this and next year is
    god of war 3
    uncharted 2
    ratchet and clank crack in time
    call of juarez
    assassins creed 2
    modern warfare 2
    final fantasy x3
    final fantasy x4
    and much more

  2. MAG- Massive Action Game what a title- but if it can really hold 256 players online that is very very impressive. but i reckon ive just missunderstood. (does PS3 really have that kind of power?) x white knights lol. its the glamourised kkk.

  3. no.but i think you have a scratch that is clearly not visible but that penetrated deep enough into the blue ray.

    i suggest taking the game back and get a fresh copy.

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