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  1. Im stuck on something here. I really want a ps3 (already have xbox360) what else is the ps3 good for, (that is different than xbox). I got a job, and 1 paycheck could buy the ps3 (400$) but i want to know if im wasting my money. (looking for unbiased opinion) thank you.

  2. Not to start a flame war, but I own both consoles, and I can safely say the PS3 is a lot better of a console. The PS3 just has so much more apps and exclusives. Not to mention anything you own electronic can pretty much be plugged into it. PSN, btw, is no different than XBL. I play both, and they are the same. And the disk reading of older games issue is nothing like the red rings of death. I love the fact the PS3 is a computer too with the operating system you can install.

  3. Xbox 360
    1.Pay for online, but PSN doesn’t compare to XBL
    2.Three year warranty
    3.The headset is free
    4.Tons of exclusives now and in the near future

    1. The online is free but it lags, crashes, and has nowhere close to as many features.
    2.Reliable, but short warranty and there have been many cases where it stops reading disks.
    3.You have to buy the headset, and it still stops working after some time.
    4.Xbox has just as much exclusives.

    They’re both awesome, I just don’t agree with you.

  4. Xbox 360
    1. Pay for online
    2. Cheap
    3.Headsets break over short period of time
    4.Not alot of Exclusive games

    1.Free Online
    2.Expensive (but you’re paying for what you get)
    3. Bluetooth
    4. A good amount of Exclusive Games (Killzone-Infamous-Uncharted-ect.)

    I’m not saying 360 is bad i mean it is a good system but the ps3 is better. Ps3 has faults to but i’m not saying ps3 is the best SYSTEM EVER OMG.

  5. great vid,it does take a slight bit of insanity to purchase a PS3 “cost = the earth” only to then smash it but it is funny and probably the best use for a ps3 too 😀

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