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  1. wtf the ps3 kicks 360s ass any day 1st the sony business has four consoles microsoft only two only is free harddrives are cheap and the controllers are powered by batteries in 360s wtf so u have to pay for a new controller every time that the batteries go dead

  2. yes i accept defeat cuz i have better things to do. Also spell check and grammar check again. Damn microsoft made a spell/grammar checker in word, yet… you still have no knowledge of proper grammar. Yes you work at microsoft, you dont work at sony. Mr.Microsoft guy sir… please leave me alone 🙂 look at yourself, your fighting with a kid whos more mature then you considering im the one ending this and accepting defeat. Im out, please dont comment back, im not reading it.

  3. i don’t have to look at videos i work at Microsoft and i do this stuff for a living and i am sure if i do this for a living and i looked it up i am pretty positive i’m right also considering that your “done here” you are defeat also i never said your in highschool you just implied that i was saying if you were still under highschool or in the middle of it your a kid also a adult or someone who is in collage would never say that in collage and end of highschool you begin to do what you want to be

  4. again with the punctuation. who said i was in highschool? again bluray beat HD thats all i have to say ps3 reads disks faster FACT im done here, and im guessing u didnt watch the video, shame wouldve proved you wrong FACT

  5. no the ps3 reads games at a vivacity as an Hd-dvd format at nearly twice the speed for more space but a regular dvd is 5gig a space carrying low capacity at 15mps while the ps3 is 12mps do research maybe that would help first off being in a school designated place means your still a kid until your out of highschool your considered a kid blu ray and HD DVD is 20 gigs apart with only changes in quality and sound same with gaming i have some links you might want to look at for Sony last days

  6. oops sorry you gotta be more mature so i can see you as an adult, which i still dont. And yes i do wanna be a game designer/producer when i get older. Does that mean im a kid, i could be in college, i could be in highschool. Hell i could be in middle school. And i said facts Blu Ray has more space 🙂 FACT Better controllers as in longer connection FACT reads disks faster (uses a blue light not a red one) FACT. If you need proof look in my favs and watch Ps3 versus 360 🙂

  7. you can’t expect to go onto a gaming console and not expect little kids. there on ps3,360,wii. there everywhere but for you to say i am an immature brat is just uncalled for i looked at your channel. yeah not to bright. “plan to be a game designer/producer when i get older” yeah and if you looked at my channel you can see that i am not a fucking kid. we have our opinions on consoles but the way you put them is saying that there fact which is a lie!

  8. ehhh punctuation much? cant be proven its called an opinion dumbass. best community i agree that a bunch of immature 13 year olds cussing and screaming at people cuz they got sniped, including urself. and i kinds got all lost at the rest please learn some grammar 🙂

  9. technically the 360 over powers the ps3 the ps3 is better in hardware but not software and online Sony fails to do so and won’t be anytime soon

  10. HD-DVD-30gigs of space
    Blur ray-50 NO BIG DEAL
    also a proven fact Microsoft is the strongest and best community company best connection best community and best way to play with Microsoft about to double the countries Sony has and with the ability to watch share and communicate is amazing i could watch any movie for free with friends in 1080p not possible on ps3 also music Windows and internet will be coming soon according to Microsoft with the Xbox already in the lead of best Multiplayer action

  11. killers4 you read?? ok if you can read do your search about how much power ps3 have ^^ you will see that ps3 have more power then 360

  12. again kid if your gonna try and talk shit you gotta think of your own stuff… and when you mature youll soon find out that there are other games then halo and barbie princess….

  13. welcome to the real world… again what is better in the xbox 3 reasons. Ill give you 3 things that the ps3 has better, free online play, more space, better controllers, and better graphics. Also xbox uses HD and ps3 uses bluray, guess what kid bluray beat HD 🙂

  14. you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize what sony tried to accomplish in it’s early reforms. Microsoft is only a small portion of the gaming world and yet it is beatting Sony a big time game productions early on the ps3 developers was looking towards media over games blu ray internet and other to no games found until now

  15. how the hell does that make sense? what do you mean sony was media over games? have you even seen some of the ps3’s games? the ps3’s exclusives dwarf those of the 360. you are an idiot. that is all i will say.

  16. and the famous xbox fan boi, “im not smart enough to think of a good insult so ill just say something that everyone says over “teh internetz” just to make me feel better and i can go to bed loud and proud” you have failed to answer all my questions, and isnt like past your bedtime or something?

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