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  1. i got a xbox for my birthday and then i moved to dubai,i played xbox for 6months then at christmas i got ps3, i dumped xbox for 3 years, now im back in scotland with my xbox on hoilday while ps3 in dubai, basically im saying i like both consoles and all those douches that think one of them is shit and other is supreme is a lil fanboy retard

  2. xbox 360 and ps3 are the same except xbox is cheaper and ps3 is expensive but ps3 has blue ray disc and xbox doesnt and xbox live u have to pay and psn u dont pay a shit

  3. who said i was completely insulting him,why dont you try and stay out of conversations you didnt start,i dont really care about graphics,i still play a nes and graphics dont matter,just matters about the story of the game not the graphics,im guessing your a fanboy as well?

  4. I guess everyone is titled to there own opinions as long as it is an opinion and not just saying shit that has not been proven cuz its been proven ps3 has better graphics and I understand some of the ps3 is better because of act it came out a little later but it still has better graphics and its in the numbers proving hes wrong it like fucking saying 2+2=6 its wrong no matter how much you fucking say its right but hes saying 2+2=6 and ur saying its his opinion so ur just as bad as he is

  5. haha im sure noone thought about xbox planning a year before playstation thats a good point the ps3 is just ahead of its time but that new xbox 360 fullmotion thing seems pretty badass

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  7. all you can say is “blueray” xD,the synthesizer sucks for its time anyway to,plus 360 came out “a year before the ps3”,dude lets not be a critic,and maybe have you thought he has a different herritage?Maybe he doesn’t speak english very well?Your just a hypocrite and everyone has their opinions.

  8. stfu you cant compare next gen to old gen,its just not fair,plus id rather play my ps2 than my ps3(which i do),but xbox pwns ps3,IT CAME OUT A YEAR BEFORE,think about it,the next gen of playstation and xbox you know xbox will be better because they get a extra year to develope a console >8D

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  10. icompared nba live 2004 on ps2 and nba live 09 on ps3 today. and ifound myself enjoying 2004 wayy more. for a simple reason, the realism be incorporated into video games today are making games less fun. they are called games for a reason, and ithink games are getting a little tooo real, imean im not gunna lie, the realism does LOOK outstanding!! but the gameplay is less fun than the good ol’ ps2..just my two cents^.^

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