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  1. I LOVE this song so much it’s awesome! So sad he’s dead. His death is a huge loss to the world and the music industry. RIP Michael. xxxx

  2. All the special effects and backgrounds they used, outifts, equipment they used.. Im guessing but it was the 1990s and in the 2000s, when Peter Kay (UK) made his video for Geraldine’s christmas song, it cost about £2000 just to go to a special effects studio to add the winter weather and also cost about £200 per hour just for the snow machine! Expensive x

  3. Oh my god
    I hate his father he is such an asshole he dosent care about his sons death although his baby Michael died he still happy
    I swear I dont understand his parents they had a great son.

  4. God damn, this lyrics look very spooky now that he is deceised, especially if you know about his childhood and the media scandals.

    I’m quite sure he wanted to bring a special message over with this song!

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