michael jackson’s ghost

this is my first video ever and i used clips from MJ’s ghost please comment, i would really love some feed back…. “constructive” critisim if you will, not insults thanx ;] oh and ps, I DO NOT OWN MICHAEL JACKSON OR ANY OF “HIS” SONGS OR “HIS” VIDEOS OR “HIS” DANCE MOVES OR WHAT EVER ELSE I CAN BE CLAIMED OF OWNING. IM MAKING NO PROFIT OUT OF THIS, IM JUST A FAN hope that clears shit up a bit :/

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    MJ looks amazing here.. hey, he was AMAZING! Not just with the looks and moves.

    “is this scary?!”

    No.. no, that’s AWESOME! MJ FOREVER!!!!!

  2. This is the best version of the music video. Nice job editing it!! R.I.P Micheal Jackson I hope I make it to heaven to see you sang and dance again!!

  3. this was awesome and funny, look at mos def crying like a little girl, lol, michael you were and always will be the greatest, r.i.p to the king of pop, you will be missed

  4. Ohh, that nostálgia; this one is first one of M.J’s videoes that I saw, I believe that it had as 7 or 8 years do not remember well or, or-. And I started seeing thanks to my dad who was making me see the videoes with him for the T.V.
    ( Now I am 18 years old).

    There died one of the most extraordinary artists of this epoch.

    R.I.P from Chile.

  5. The BEST OF THE WORLD! Better than Freddy Mercury, Elvis, John Lennon and Rolling Stones or even Metallica (i know that they all had, or still have, different music styles, but no one more sold more than one million of copies, with his famous Thriller). He will allways be in our hearts, because he didn´t died (i´m killing all the materialism of this text), he is and he will for ever be IMMORTAL!

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