Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5 on Soul Train “I Want You Back”

Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5 performing “I Want You Back,” on Soul Train in 1972. Michael was 13. This was the beginning of a life-long relationship with Don Cornelius and Soul Train. (episode# 35). To license this footage, go to GLOBALIMAGEWORKS.COM. Subscribe to the Soul Train channel and stay tuned… We will be adding new clips each week!

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  1. Catholic here too – I have always thought that MJ was a tortured soul and from the 80s on surround himself with the wrong folks -regardless of what he may or may not have done – he was a musical genius. That kind of talent and specialness always comes with major heartache.

    People apparently tried to help and I hope he is at peace, finally. Those tha t If he did wrong, he will eventually find his way to God too.

  2. the jacksons have alot to be proud of! MJ is a wonderful guy he was like peter pan. The little boy who never wanted to grow up thats all. and i dnt believ all those bad things they say he did he was great for sure! Mj FOREVER!!!! all u haters… simple shut ur mouths

  3. Man you know you really need to shut the fuck bitch! You dont know if michael did that shit! He just passed away you need to show some respects! You are lucky you are on the internet, people or entilted to their opinions, but I wouldnt go around saying shit like that especially when he just passed ! You might say that shit to the wrong person whatch ya self! Just some advice, im just sayin, be cool!

  4. Great Video Clip! To MsSupertroll: If you dislike Michael Jackson SOooo much, why are you watching Jackson 5 videos?!? If you can’t say anything nice, then SHUT UP!

  5. My sources says he confirmed that he had the disease in 1993 in assossiation with romus told ppl’s that he wanted to be white.
    But my sources might be wrong, (however there is many sources says the same).
    Before the record of Thriller, he used to pain his skin brown, but a while after it, too much of his skin was light so he started to paint it white instead.

  6. “Michael Jackson is a flaming homosexual pedophile of epic proportions. These blind idiots think that making good music and dancing well are excuses for crimes against children. I challenged them to read the casefile of People vs. Jackson, but of course they refuse, as all the evidence they need to support his innocence is how great Thriller was and the moonwalk. Clearly he’s not guilty of sucking little boy cocks. I mean, he made THRILLER! The world is full of idiots as displayed here.”

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