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  1. I am still in a state off shock that the best ever entertainer and loveable person is no longer in this world and i have hardly no words apart from i love you and we will miss you dearly u will always be in our hearts..!! Rest in peace KING OFF THE MUSIC WORLD..!! XXXXX

  2. GOD BLESS YOU Micheal R.I.P Micheal I know you are in a ggod place right now and dont worry I will send your music down to my childeren when I gorw up and my children will send it down to there children you will always be remembered

  3. They say when a person grows closer to the Almighty, the level of spirtuality is reflected in his/her work, art, or music. MJ has gone through a lot of pain in his life time, that is why he found solace and happines with children and animals — instruments of God Almighty who connects with us through innocence and nature. I pray that MJ will find happiness in the other Life.

  4. Oh dear Michael, we are going to miss you so much! You are in peace and free now. You will always be in our hearts. Farewell beautiful human being.

  5. YOU’LL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED MICHAEL…after all the joy tears laughter your music has brought to our lives here…touch us one way or another…you will be here in our prayers Always…MAY YOU REST IN PEACE…& may god bless your soul

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