24 comentários sobre “Michael Jackson This Is It Tour – Rehearsals & Auditions 2009”

  1. oh by the way, i was really surprised chucky had to audition, since he has already worked with Kenny. I guess they are just trying to be as fair as possible. thats good

  2. sorry??!….Who said i wanted to keep the ticket?!…no, read my comment again. I wanted to see michael,,but obviously that isn’t going to happen…so I contacted the O2 arena to ask if it would be possibly to allow the concerts to go ahead..as a tribute to michael. I don’t want a refund. There is even talk of Janet jackson doing some of the nights….so there you go.

  3. I understand you want to keep the tickets to remember michael but the AEG will be very happy with that. The people who used him will benefit of his loyal fans that want to keep the ticket. This money will not end up with his familly but at the insurance agency. Mj is not in a ticket he is in our hearts.

  4. this is what i have been saying since he died…i even emailed the 02 days ago to ask them to carry on with the shows…as a tribute to MJ. They got back to me and said it would be considered. I told them ‘I do not want a refund..i want to remember michael, i want a special night’……

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