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  1. This is soooo sad!
    I wanted to see him again so badly…What a GENIOUS!!!! What an Amazing Talent!
    I saw all his concerts, the first one in 1988. I was a child in love with his music, his voice, his incredible dance moves, him!!!
    He’s a great part of my life, and I’ll never forget him!
    Michael Jackson, I will always love you! Thank You so much!!!!
    Rest in Peace!
    God bless!!!!

  2. But there was people to care about Elvis. Elvis had the body guards who actually cared and tried to help but Sonny West said it best “How can you save a man from HIMSELF?” It is impossible really. Elvis didn’t like the word No. You yourself saw Elvis being talked about like trash after he died and still to this day. Do you think Michael Jackson be different? I don’t think that people won’t say 100% good things.

  3. Wow, I STILL cant believe he’s gone.
    I keep getting goosebumps and almost crieng everytime i hear it.
    I was looking forward so much to these concerts 🙁

  4. oh wow how funny you are
    shut the fuck up!!
    this is just disrespectful…
    you should be old enough by now to think about stuff you writing,…he was a great man, nd especially after his death he doesnt deserve sad people like you to talk bad about him!
    nomatter what anybody is sayin, he didnt do nothin of this bs….
    so stop bein disrespectful!!!!

  5. I remember when Elvis died, and I will now remember when Michael Jackson died. How sad, all those people around them and no one caring enough to help them, to save them from themselves. No one can take advantage of them now.

    May he rest in peace.

  6. I love how when Michael Jackson announced the concerts, all of it when sold out within hours.
    Shows people still care and support him.

    R.I.P Michael Jackson 🙁

  7. Lets remember- he was never in a fit state to do this. He would never have completed it. His drug intake fuelled his rehearsals one minute being “High and energetic” the next being “low and exhausted” to quote the organiser.
    He has been let down by the ones who love him, he was innocent until proven guilty but I strongly feel the man wanted to die. He could have sought help for this drug addiction but instead he allowed this abnormal drug intake to take place. The truth will never be unvealed.

  8. Sad that Michael Jackson was
    denied the opportunity to
    rise to even greater heights as
    a performer. I would have liked to
    see the stage performances on
    video as the staging work would
    no doubt have been legendary.
    Tragic really but I agree the duration
    of the tour may have overloaded the

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