Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (With Lyrics)

Album: Bad The list of things I did in the course of editing: 1. Inserted intro music 2. Dubbed ” hit” with “struck” on the 2nd verse 3. Inserted police voice 4. Cut the conversation scene 5. Inserted lyrics

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  1. R.I.P. Michael Jackson you will ALWAYS be rememberd as the king of POP with 45 years of EXELLENCE!!! America willonly remeber you in your astonishing influince E>

  2. i was trying to figure out what he was saying in the chorus and i its the word “Annie”. i should have guessed it was a name. i thought he made some word up. love this song

  3. No one will ever dance like mj!! he was so smart!
    i miss him! there will never be another.

    this is one of my favorite songs by him…so catchy!

  4. beefhead300. they have mechanisms in their shoes that keep them standing. one of the dancers nearly fell over in a live performance and they spotted his foot staying against the floor and he couldnt move it for a split second . RIP micheal Jackson

  5. No one will ever dance or sing like Micheal Jackson. I’m sure we all miss you.

    and those of you who make jokes of his death, i hope you die of getting raped, and then people will make jokes about you.

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