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  1. The media needs to get their shit straight. Do they love him and worship him like they do now or do they hate and tear him down like they have for the past 10 years. The world is full of hypocrites and they need to grow a backbone. Additionally, the man was a peder-ass and should not be the idol of thousands of people. You don’t pay people off when you are innocent. Plain and simple!!!

  2. Those child molestations were just rumors so screw you guys you freakin douche bags, Micheal Jackson was a role model to all famous musicians today and was the best musician of the millennium so show some respect.

  3. kickassmage go suck a nut and i truely believe he did not do that to those kids and if any1 says anything it can make any1 seem bad u prob do that to kids u fuccin heartless bastard

  4. Kickassmage can you pls shut the fuck up and have some respect for the King yes the King you probably dont like him so what are you doing here watching videos of him? so please stuf and leave the people who wants to see his videos in peace and dont say stupid things get out of HERE! WE LOVE MJ.

  5. I get what you mean with the celebrity because over the years that is what the public eye began to see him as although he wasn’t but you forgot something. What about MJ the person???

  6. This is my favorite song by him b/c i love the rhythm and the melody. Oh gosh… how i wish i could be a dancer for this song. My favorite choreography… better than thriller (for me at least)

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