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  1. he was simply a genius we all should feel blessed to have lived in the time of MICHAEL JACKSON…all of our worlds would be different without MJ’s music..I personally am glad to have had the pleasure in sharing in the gift he gave to this world…FOREVER TO BE LOVED..THE KING!!!

  2. Oh those people, and the obvious fools on here who still post negative/insulting comments about an absolute LEGEND. These idiots are just brainwashed by the people who I think took our Michael away, and the type of people who beleive everything these people want to feed them. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US says it all, who else do you think he was singing about? and explain why that song never got anywhere NEAR as much air/video time as other hits of the time? BECAUSE THEY DIDNT WANT PPL TO SEE THE MSG

  3. We NEED Michael 🙁

    No one comes close, all the CRAP you hear about him is bs fed to us by the same people controlling the government/media etc.

    Why else would EVERYONE love him? All the biggest stars etc. say nothing BUT GOOD about him, it’s only the media and these paid off greedy maggots that wanted to hold a black man down. Why so suddenly before these concerts did he get taken away? Because he was gonna blow the world away, and sing his old hits which hint @ the scum this earth contains.

  4. its funny how ppl still have negative things to say about an ICON who pave the way for so many artist..not to mention that the man is now gone!! smh..shame!!
    R.I.P MJ..you will always be the best there is!!

  5. no michael jackson got the idea from ghetto kids doing randon dances and i quote “the running man” and he just improved them. (made them better.
    look at my channel 🙂

  6. You better believe it. Michaels used stars like Eddy Murphy, Macaulay Culkin and Tyra Banks in his music videos. He was/is THAT big. ^_^

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