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  1. I don’t think the Will has been read yet but apparently the preliminary reports are the catalogue wasn’t left to Paul as hoped. Paul has been honest about losing the catalogue to M. Jackson ruined their friendship forever and that MJ never answered any of his letters. And sadly he did start to license out the music in ways most Beatle fans find inappropriate (in order to pay off his debts and his trials). That said MJ, RIP–he was a genius for certain.

  2. I always loved this song from first day I heard it!! I love love love it! Sucks they never did nothing again.. but I’m going to see Paul in concert this summer.. so excited.. can’t wait.. Michael will jam with angels RIP. Check out 2:40 love his face.. cutie

  3. Michael Jackson, back stabbed Paul Mccartney, That son of a bitch sold all there songs for commercial profit, some best friend you are michael, back stabbing mother fucker!!!

  4. i love how he just jumps out from behind the tree!
    this song will always remain a classic
    i’ve always loved michael, but never really appreciated his music as much as everyone else,it’s sad that i had to realize how amazing he was after he died one thing i’m proud to say is i’ve never believe those accusations! much love from Canada!
    R.I.P Michael Jackson

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