25 comentários sobre “Michael Jackson-P.Y.T”

  1. If you listen to the news you’d know that the first boy the accused michael LIED. and Michael wasn’t proven guilty in the second case. So don’t be hatin on michael jackson.

  2. Good choice of the clips to show in this vid. We all love you MJ. You will always live in our hearts!!! R.I.P.

    – Future wife of Prince Michael Jackson : )

  3. no way, no fucking way can justin timberlake replace michael. Are you kidding me? JT is piss compared to the KING of ENTERTAINMENT.
    R.I.P. Michael jackson, the best fucking human that EVER lived

  4. The best pop artist we will ever see. and im glad I was here to see everything he ever wrote and sang. and to be honest no one is going to come close, Funny thing is when Michael came on the scene every kidd in the world wanted to be just like him including me, at least hes in a place now where no one can hurt him anymore, R.I P Jacko I will see you on the other side

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