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  1. Maybe he was planning to die after the concerts that’s why he called it “This Is It”– the final curtain call. But he died sooner than he wished… just a thought.

  2. I wonder how Joe Jackson feels about his son disfiguring his own face. Knowing full well that he made fun of his looks. Michael always said his father treated him like crap his whole life. Just like mine did. I was lucky enough to cut my father off for good. Too bad Mike couldn’t.

  3. I think they have just done some cooky things to him to make him look so bizarre in this apperance… they have tried to hard to make him look ” healthy” when underneath it all, hes actually quite a sick man… maybe if this is a “fake michael” they intended on using “fake michaels” at his concerts too? Just a thought. But I think this is michael jackson not an imposter. Im sad he has passed.

  4. honestly people who think he hasnt died seriously need to think, he may have pulled and said stuff wierd and that but do u think just before his concerts he would fake his death y would he do that he would lose the money and personally i dnt think he that sick in the head

  5. i bet hes cooped up somewhere practicing and hes gonna show up on stage on that first concert and their will be noone there, and he’ll be like WTF!?
    But if it isnt some Conspiracy then
    R.i.P Michael

  6. sowwie but dat fat guy is really pissing me off ..he should get sum advice from michael jackson on how to loose weight……..but R.I.P mikey we luv u

  7. R.I.P. from Australia, Michael ! ! I will always remember your Thriller dance and being amazed by it and trying to learn it myself! Thank you, R.I.P.

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