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  1. yeah i totally agree with u… he’s been bombarded with gossips in tabloids yet he’s a really loving person and a legend…
    RIP MJ…
    you’ll really get the really happiness u deserved..

  2. R.I.P. from Russia
    Michael Jackson was, is and will be a real genious and legend! He will always live in our hearts, thanks for his music and all what that great man had done. Michal, YOU are a king of pop, always. With love

  3. he’s 16, he had his birthday a few months ago, I know this, cause I know him, and I don’t agree with people say he is going to fail in life, I have heard his music and seen his drawings and kistened to his raps. he is quite talented

  4. he died too young, and too talented…I just love the jokes, they are awesome fair play, he only died a few days ago, and there are already loads

  5. Es ist schade das er von uns gegeangen ist und das sich jetzt auch noch die familie um das erbe streitet finde ich auch nicht sehr schön……..

  6. Its was not ur time! But no one knows whats ahead! Thank for being a real star! The best never to be replaced!

    So humble and really loved his fans!

    Rest now Mike! LOve u xxxx

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