25 comentários sobre “Michael jackson live superbowl 1”

  1. THIS MAN HAS NOT TO PROOVE HE CAN SING!as if… it’s ridiculous. lip sink or not, it doesn’t change NOTHING, this man is too good to be reduced!

  2. i love how it’s always the people who have no concept of ‘respect’ who demand it of other ppl. and he’s the “self proclaimed king of pop.” i’d say he’s the “king of the lip sink.” or the “king of convincing talentless sheep that he’s better than he really is.” but call him what you want. makes no difference to me.

  3. i can’t believe how easily ppl are moved by this silly shit. It’s just a bunch of ppl pretending to play instruments and him pretending to sing while they are playing the album over the stereo. it’s a joke that ppl get so excited for lip sinking and air guitar.

  4. i remember seeing this on TV, i was only 5 1/2 at the time and i still remember thinking it was crazy… except i didnt quite get at the time that it wasnt him popping out of the giant TV screen at the beginning!

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