Michael Jackson- Human Nature

LYRICS Looking Out Across The Night-Time The City Winks A Sleepless Eye Hear Her Voice Shake My Window Sweet Seducing Sighs [2nd Verse] Get Me Out Into The Night-Time Four Walls Won’t Hold Me Tonight If This Town Is Just An Apple Then Let Me Take A Bite [Chorus] If They Say – Why, Why, Tell ‘Em That Is Human Nature Why, Why, Does He Do Me That Way If They Say – Why, Why, Tell ‘Em That Is Human Nature Why, Why, Does He Do Me That Way [3rd Verse] Reaching Out To Touch A Stranger Electric Eyes …

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  1. iiknow rite….you can’t tell me more than 5 even one artist that did it like Michael Jackson…he was an standong ovation….had women hell ii think even men fainting and passing out @ his concerts…don’t really know who could step in his shoes….maybe James Brown cuz it was his inspiration……

  2. in case if you didnt know, michael jackson was way more than you think. if your older than 13 then thats a damn shame because even myself is this young and can see what he brought to us

  3. i dont like how the chikiwitz is the only person that doesnt care. they must be very heartless and with that he should burn in hell. michael jackson is awesome and i love him. <3 R.I.P

  4. I agree. No matter what people said about him about his controversial personal life you could never deny his music and performances. I never let allegation get in the way of supporting his music. RIP Michael.

  5. Did y’all know that piece of shit that accused MJ confessed that he and his dad lied because they wanted money. Look it up, “Evan Chandler admits he lied”. I believed in Michael all along.

  6. oh my gosh im crying michael jackson iloveyu with all my heart r.i.p. your in a better place now cuz earth was hell for you all of the poparatzi and people talking about you i know its a lot of stress i wouldnt be able to take it if i were you but i love you cant wait to see you in heaven.

  7. People pushed him to the side and didn’t gave a damn about him but the minute it was announced that he was dead, people cry and wanted him back…

    I love MJ’s work and it just makes me sad to see my idol just… die like that… :'( RIP MJ. YOU WILL BE MISSED.

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