Michael Jackson – Grammy Awards 1984 (1 of 3)

The footage of one of the most memorable moments in history. Michael Jackson won 8 (!) Grammy’s at this Grammy Awards back in 1984 for the album ‘Thriller’. ‘Thriller’ remains the biggest selling album of all time. It has now sold over 104 million copy’s worldwide. Here Michael is accompanied by Brooke Shields & Emmanuel Lewis. Also you get to see Michael’s 3 sisters, his parents and Jermaine Jackson.

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  1. poem-
    I woke up to the news today
    I heard is health, his heart gave way
    I stood and stared at the floor
    Wheres his poster thats now off the wall?

    I will always see him on the small screen
    Black shoes shined with a red jacket that gleams
    With a voice that angels command
    and a childs heart that love demands
    Now we mourn the King
    Oh, how on the stage could he spin

    The pressure, the mountain he climbed
    The past and future he defined
    The beat, the tune, the voice, the lasting grace

  2. michael was so incredibly hot in the 80’s! especially in this video! im so mad i wasnt born in that time period…& im so upset that he’s gone RIP mike ur the best always have been always will be! and how the grammy’s have changed today they NEVER wouldve been able to stay onstage that long for their thank you’s they woulda had the music playing them off 10 seconds in…p.s. i have sunglasses exactly like the one’s michael has on! im like so psyched about that haha!

  3. GOD ME TOO, the way he bites his lips, sexy .
    he really really did look good in this, sexy too. he only had surgery on his nose cuz his dad kept making fun of him .. other than that, he said he had NO SURGERY AT ALL…. so idknow why he looks so different now =[ … but i still love him, he stayed sweet til the end
    <3 MJ

  4. Rest in peace Michael Jackson.
    He looks soooo handsome in this video. I love the way he bites his lips =] Anyway, other than his charming and sexy looks in this video, he will be deeply deeply missed. We love you Michael.

  5. Ugg .. and if you saw someone like michael jackson in the street in 1984 .. looking the same etc ..(If michaelk jackson did not exist) .. you prob woulda think the guy would be a fag and really ugly.Popularity make little girl wet their pants.

  6. All you girls talking about how sexy and fine Michael was back then is sooo funny because I’m sitting here thinking the same thing! DAMN! He was so fucking hot!!! Oh My God, he was sexy as hell! I have to agree with the other ladies here!

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