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  1. It’s so very true that a prophet is not accepted in his time. So many of the world’s true genius’ are never acknowledged in their lives.

    Michael Jackson was ridiculed and scorned for things that were never proven; for his personal life and appearance.

    In the end, what does any of that matter compared to the legacy he has left the world with.

  2. what’s really sad is how they tainted his name and literally killed his career… its like he vanished. People accused him of stuff he never did, for money and now that he is gone they wanna acknowledge him. i wonder how these backstabbers feel. the media has no hearts.

    R.I.P MJ… thanks for the beautiful music… Your Legacy will live on forever….

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  4. I think it so sad that when he was alive the respect he is getting now was non existent
    Im jus glad M.J wont have to live such a terrible life
    a life filled with stresse and ridicule….

  5. Je suis littéralement tombé amoureuse de cette chanson. J’aime beaucoup le début du clip il reflète notre société & la fin du clip est juste magnifique, j’adore comment il la chante celle là, franchement MERCI BEAUCOUP MICKAEL JACSKON pour cette meirveilleuse musique!!
    Pour moi, il sera toujours vivant car sa mort je n’y crois pas une seconde peut-être un jour je réaliserai.

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