Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Michael Jackson – Earth Song Lyric: What about sunrise? What about rain? What about all the things, That you said we were to gain? What about killing fields? Is there a time? What about all the things, That you said was yours and mine? Did you ever stop to notice, All the blood we’ve shed before? Did you ever stop to notice, The crying Earth the weeping shores? Aah…………… Oo……….. Aah…………… Oo……….. What have we done to the world? Look what we’ve done. What about …

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  1. I love the guy man honestly. He was one of the best things to ever happen to the world. he influences so many people. including me. I love what he does etc so much ppl call me wacko jacko because i can practically imitate every dance he does. i do billie jean the moves to that so much its practically easy to me now. im 13….i know every single lyric to every single song. RIP king of pop we love you! legend of the world. He needs to be added as an 8th wonder of the world. 7 Is not enough.

  2. :O my hsc song that i picked on for a few months ago to do on guitar. Have to definitely pull this one off, not for my sake but for the one who made and created a world of his own through his music.

  3. he wanted a change in the world- we take the world for granted, we should learn to live off the earth, see the mystery of life, and care for the world we live on

  4. i also love micheal i love his music and him also. He really cared for the people and children. there will be no more micheal but his music will go on and he will be watching over us in heaven. Rest in peace micheal.

  5. When I say Michael still lives on through his music, that’s the truth. It’s only when the last few chords are playing that I remember again.


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