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  1. does not equate to guilt. Speculation, Conjucture, mangled logic do not add up to PROOF- Give me evidence and Ill believe it. To use MJ’s words “before you judge me, try hard to love me”

  2. O.K. I’m crying right now. I loved MJ so much. We are all going to miss him! His music will live FOREVER!!!!
    Rest in Peace MJ…you will be in our hearts forever…

  3. howarde85 you are so right!!! did u see his dad on cnn promoting his new music label company. i was horrified! his dad is a demon. its so sad…… michael i will 4ever love you. God said in order to make it into the kingdom u have to bcome like a small child. michael u made it in. truly an angel – i always knew – thats why the world didnt reognize him. i love you michael. R.I.P

  4. mikes dad fucked his head up he didnt let him be a kid when he was a kid he was too busy doin music and qall his dad cared about was makin money thats why i think mike was still a kid in a grown mans body i feel sorry for him cause no kid should have to be pressured into doin music 24/7 R. I . P MICHAEL JACKSON

  5. No, his health did, and prescribed drugs.
    He didnt touch children, he is innocent, if he was guilty he would be in jail. So much talent has gone, only if they could give someone his voice, before he went.

  6. Isn’t it sad, that he had to die, to make all those people out there realise that he NEVER had a sexual thought about children?????
    I’m so sorry……they killed him, not the medication……

  7. its sad that he died, i just wish i knew why he wanted to change himself so badly? He was an amaxing dancer, and he had such talent. this song i seem to listen to a lot lately. I don’t know why. I feel guilty for making fun of him and laughing about the jokes made about him…….

  8. WE DO LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!! your awesome and we will always remamber you as, the best dancer we have ever known, a great singer, and a good person that had a few promblems (but we all have promblems!).

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