25 comentários sobre “Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Live in New York 2001)”

  1. There Was Not one Person In That Room That Wasent Dancing Or Singing Along!! Only A Very Few Group Of People Can Create That Sort Of Amoutsphere From One Song!! Very Good Perfomance

    Greatly Missed x


  2. why did it take michael jackson so long to get to heaven? because he was moonwalking the whole time

    btw that is not offensive i thought it was funny
    i think michael jackson is a genius and will live on through his music and amazing presence on stage,

    RIP forever king of pop

  3. mind blowing performance!

    fantastic artist…

    i still can’t believe that he’s gone…

    no one can replace him…

    may he find the love that he deserves in heaven…

    you’ll always be in our hearts…


  4. I agree completely…they just keep bringing up the negative instead of focusing on all the great things he did through his music….RIP MJ.

  5. ___seriously, the news needs to lay off all of the bad crap about MJ. he was and still is truly a legend of all time. he changed music, and even the world, forever.

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