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  1. r.i.p i know this dont mean anything but i reALLy miss u 🙁 i even prayed 4 u n asked god to take all that pain away but now ur gone 2 our god rest in peace im sure ur making the world a better place from up there and looking down at your 2 lovley chilldren who love you ….and so do we your fans
    R.I.P from london

  2. I jumped for joy upon hearing of michael jackon’s death. I would love to watch him writhe in pain. I’m reliving his moment of spectacular death. He tossed and turned on his death bed. Maggots crawled out of his eye sockets and nostrils. Then his body went stiff. He gasped for air, choking on his semen. “Beat it, beat it,” he muttered, then his body went limp and he was no more. I wish I were there to capture this kodak moment on camera.

  3. Srry if this is not about the video…i just post this I hate that DIANE SAYWER on wht she talks about MJ. She is stupid & bitch!
    MJ have a bad experience since his childhood..now he is gone…May our Lord bless his soul and give him happiness he longer desires for a long long time.
    We gonna miss u very much. R.I.P MJ

  4. A oni oskarżyli go o pedofilie przykre

    Zamiast normalnie jeść faszerował się narkotykami i tabletkami serce nie wytrzymało i wysiadło

    R.I.P from Poland

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