Iran missile Test vs Israel July 2008 ( TV PROPAGANDA ) An Iranian Shahab-3 missile rises into the air at an undisclosed location in the Iranian desert on July 9. 2008.Iran has warned it would “set fire” to Israel and US forces in response to any attack over its nuclear drive !!! Among the missiles Iran said it tested Wednesday was a new version of the Shahab-3, which officials have said has a range of 1250 miles and is armed with a 1-ton conventional warhead.

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  1. Am I the only person who hears the west saying” We think that Iran may,in the future, gain the ability to develop nuclear weapons. So that justifies our desire to use nuclear weapons.

  2. yes genocide in palestina.I am sick of the USA-israel good ones and the rest of the world the bad ones.If the USA and israel would retreat and stop invading coutryes i am sure Iran would also stop making threats .Of course now arm race for ww3 has started because of the USA and israel.Its strange that Israel complains about nukes when they kept a few hidden themeselves isnt it ?And they have a few hundred right now

  3. Wow. The most pathetic comment I’ve seen in a while.

    Firstly, HAMAS rockets are mortar shells that fly of low orbit. You cannot stop them as they do not have electronics in them that you can “hack” and mislead. Nuclear rockets do have and can easily be destroyed on early stages.

    ” iran is 2/3 years more advanced than israel” oh well – I guess you’re 2/3 years old idiot. Haha – 2/3 years advanced at brainwashing each other maybe, to this day Israel leads in most military tech.

  4. “Iran didn’t atack anyone and they didnt ever use a nuke” well I will not comment on your crap English. I know schools in Romania are not the best. But will comment on your stupidity? How do you expect Iran to use a nuke when it hadnt yet made one? You’re just pathetic. Of cource they didnt use a nuke as they never had the ability you idiot.

    “genocide in palestina” well I cant be bothered to comment on that. You will die stupid I guess thinking Israel are the bad guys.

  5. Obama executed just the order of AIPAC. USA Govt. control by Israel. Do you know about AIPAC? They control American election , your daily life, your economy , everything. If they tell USA Govt. to tell lie even though they know it is lie, no problem American Govt. tell it immediately there is WMD in iraq (Iraq attack Israel before), including Obama, John Machine,Clinton Bush all are member of AIPAC . Russia , China, Iran knew how USA Govt. control by AIPAC.

  6. NO,you &$#$*$#.Do you have any idea what a nuke is ?Iran didn’t atack anyone and they didnt ever use a nuke but the usa used a nuke against japan for example.I say nuke israel they have nukes and do genocide in palestina.You still belive in terrorists dont you ?=)).You have no idea of the SCO either i am sure of that.Dream boy dream .The americans and the Israeli are the terrorists for your general knowlege .The destroy countryes for resources and now are encircling Iran and Russia

  7. for god sake bomb the terrorist muslim countryes like iran and iraq before they kill other people.
    nuke them its easy and faster to end this war listen to me nato its a almost good

  8. israel can’t stopped homemade palastenian and hizbollah missiles , nevermind more advanced missiles from iran, yesterday the jerusalem post quoted that iran is 2/3 years more advanced than israel . this is vgood news for everyone

  9. iran the old foe???? im confused because it was the uk and us that has attacked iran in the past. why dont our fucking zionist prick governments do us a favor and fuck off to precious isreal and defend it with there own cold blood for a change.

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