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  1. Actually, it wouldn’t really be a bad idea to remake it. First of all, since the original was a huge success, the remake would most likely be one, too.

    Second, the soundtrack will consist of the same musics, but with higher quality.

    Third, it wouldn’t “show how uncreative Square Enix is”. Simply put, we like new things but we also like to see old things turned better.

  2. FF VII REMAKE will never be EXISTED instead they will release FF XIII for PS3 so FF FANS just Forget FF VII will be ever in stores for PS3 just play PS1 or PC version instead lolx :p oh btw PC version with nice Patch mod looks like FF VIII lolx

  3. The ending in crisis core is just as pathetic as this tech demo. Cloud looks just as gay. They made him look like a girl. I prefer shit graphics for ps1 over that anyday.

  4. have you seen the crisis core secret ending? its far better then this and the chars don’t look so….. Weird in this cloud looks like his entering soul caliber games or some shit

  5. I’m pretty sure SE has been wanting to remake ff7 and Chrono Trigger for years but didnt think sales would be high enough for either so they stopped..

  6. This game isn’t worth remaking for several reasons:
    – The game was flawless in the first place.
    – The newer graphics make the male characters’ faces look gay.
    – the spin offs have proven that FF7 can only be ruined and not improved.
    – Remaking FF7 will just show how uncreative Square Enix is and how they are too stupid to come up with new ideas that are just as good
    – Not only the graphics will change but the music will too and therefore the entire game
    – Square Enix does not = Squaresoft

  7. hahaha made me laugh com on kh2 was not that bad it was to easy of course and lacked on huge exploration but combat was improved ALOT! kh1 is to slow paced sure kh2 is a button masher but fucking atleast i was swing more then three directions.

  8. xD i just decided to forget about it hes not worth the time of typing messages towards something he clearly doesnt have legitimate facts about instead of just bullheaded opinions.

  9. you really cannot have a simple discussion without trying to insult people,you failed at life completely im not rebeling against FF7 as a fad, it is a sincere opinion i have of the game. there u have it i handed your ass to you twice. Me FTW 2!

  10. You know I quite liked resident evil 4, I know it wasn’t half as good as the old ones but at least they tried something new and it was a good action game. But 5 was just a shitty remake of 4 with shit characters but, you know, better graphics cus thats whats important.. Also with 4 I didn’t know what to expect but 5 was just a big disapointment, it had the exact same engine as 4 and about half way through you just start fighting guys with guns and that’s not what RE games should be about

  11. Tell me about it. Its like they don’t understand that no one in the right mind likes any of the characters they’ve made. Tidus? fucking, that guy out the new one Vaan? Does he even have any personality? I don’t remember him saying anything interesting in the whole game and I fuckin played that piece of shit, just wishing they’d make it half decent, but no, the graphics were incredible to overhype the shit out of the fanboys and then just made you play this cock sucking shit waste of time vomit.

  12. Yes. The Enix side have probably never played FF in their lives and decided to take over the Squaresoft team. They have definately dropped a gigantic shit bomb that has exploded all over Final Fantasy. If you check all your games, the ones with Squaresoft are amazing and the ones with Square Enix are shit. Here’s proof: KH 1 was awesome, KH 2 was bloody diarhea coming out of a horse’s anus.

  13. god your an idiot… i rebel against FF7 but only the bad FF7 shit like this tech demo or advent children. But rebeling against the original FF7 is a fucking crime to me. GO FUCK YOURSELF YA DIRTY SHEEP FUCKER.

  14. Wesker had a way better voice in the first games. Much cooler. Yea definately. They added too much muscle mass to Chris Redfield. He looks too much like a meat head. He looked like he could barely move with all that muscle in the game play. I think Capcom were trying to copy the ugly ass characters from Gears of Wars. Another shit game in my opinion because the characters are fucking huge and can’t move.

  15. Shit man the voice acting in resident evil 1 was priceless. When the tyrant attacks Wesker ‘Don’t come this way!’ and the classic ‘Seen as you’re the master of unlocking’ And what the fuck did they do to Chris in RE5? They turned him into some nauseating frat boy idiot scumbag with biceps the size of fucking breeze blocks, and we’re supposed to like this massive arsehole?

  16. I know fuckin hell had the people who made Advent Children even played the original? You’d think they’d make sure when making spin offs of the best game ever to make it actually watchable. Its like yeah thanks alot Square fucking Enix for shitting all over one of my favourite childhood memories

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