25 comentários sobre “E3: God of War III PS3 Head Souvenir”

  1. Yeah…i could see Kratos rip the head off of gay ass Marcus Fenix..shouting “What does GOW stand for?” hahaha….go take care of the colorful rainbow colored master chief while your at it…not just the green MC either, go decapate the Red, Blue and Pink master chief as well..lol…

    Sorry xbots had to do it…that’s for 2 years of stinking xbot fanboys overruinning the media..its payback time….Trey 4 life!

  2. wasnt childish gta 4 was supposed to be huge but microsoft bitched about them not being able to fit it onto there tiny disk’s so they had to size it down so dont talk shit

  3. I cant believe something this cool still can go on at gaming industry. There is always these bitches who whine about how brutal these games are and get them totally sensored from every sort of violence. This could be one of the very last this kind of brutal games that we ever see. God I love this game.

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