Classic Game Room HD – MLB 09 THE SHOW for PS3 review pt1

Part 1 of 2. Watch in high definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews MLB ’09 THE SHOW for Playstation 3! This PS3 exclusive baseball game is about as realistic as you can get without actually joining the minor leagues (or major leagues). This Classic Game Room review of MLB 09 THE SHOW has gameplay footage from Playstation 3 PS3 of this baseball video game being played in HD. Watch as CGRHD plays the Pittsburgh Pirates and guides them through several losing games at a wonderfully recreated …

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  1. Yeah its worth every penny if your a baseball fan. I normally only trust EA sports games but this is the only and best exception.

  2. What the hell is $1000? It really isn’t that much money, dude. It’s spending money from one pay check. I make about $4,500 a pay, so what the hell do I care about a grand?

  3. This game is better than sliced bread and I love it more than Joanie loves Chachi. But MLB Power Pros 2009 is just as good and isn’t being released statewide and we’re trying to get people to sign an online petition to get 2K’s attention. Please, even if it doesn’t have a chance in hell, sign it and tell everyone else you know to sign it as well. Go to google and search MLB Power Pros Petition and it will be the first link. Thanks!

  4. hahahahah PS3 fanboys insist they aren’t fanboys even though they are fanboys because they wouldn’t care if they weren’t fanboys. TOOL. How bout it? I own both systems and you don’t. GET A LIFE, making fun of people who are less fortunate. Fuck you.

  5. I want a good baseball game for the xbox soooooo badly :[ 2k baseball blows

    I’m considering buying a PS3 just for baseball and killzone lol

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