Classic Game Room HD – MIRROR’S EDGE for PS3 review part 1

Part 1 of 2. Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews MIRROR’S EDGE for the Playstation 3 PS3. This Mirror’s Edge features gameplay footage from Mirrors Edge during the video game. Watch Faith leap from building to pipe to fire escape like Spiderman cast in Run Lola Run. This first person shooter FPS style game could not be more different from an average FPS because the point of the game is to flow through each level with speed and precision rather than shooting everything …

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  2. this is an awesome game, like inecomCompany says it does take alot of getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it is absolutely brilliant.

    To me this game feels and plays alot like jet set radio future (which even though its getting old now, it still is/was a fantastic game)
    Hopefully one day sega will bring out a new jet set radio, i miss the 2001-2002 era of games… /cry.

    anyway, back to the point, go out and get this game, its brilliant 🙂

  3. Mirror’s Edge completely split critical opinion, with scores ranging from fantastic to poor. I personally fit more or less in the middle, but more inclined to the positive side.

    It’s great fun and very exilerating at its best, and the originality is undeniable, but that hype about “choosing where to go” is almost entirely lies and the plot seems determined to make you hate and want to punch all the main characters. Since a sequel is confirmed, we might just see a big improvement next time…

  4. Do you wear a badge to around saying “Hello, I am a Graphics Whore”? Because you should.

    And your argument doesn’t even make sense, because it’s a fairly beautiful game.

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