Classic Game Room HD – FALLOUT 3 for Playstation 3 part 2

Part 2 of 2. Classic Game Room HD reviews FALLOUT 3 for the Playstation 3 PS3 video game console. This time CGR shows off the VATS system (Vault-tec Automated Targeting System) as we slaughter an army of mutants, ghouls, raiders and other assorted horrific monsters. Fallout 3 from Bethesda is an exciting role playing game RPG mixed with a first person shooter that immerses players into the post nuclear war apocalypse of Washington DC and surrounding areas. Tired of sitting in traffic in I-95 …

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  1. try oblivion, it is very similar to fall out 3. except it is a fantasy as opposed to futuristic science fiction. it is much brighter and prettier. it is also swords, bows and magic as opposed to the guns of fall out.

  2. i didn’t like fallout 3 as much, i’m not trying to critize it or anything it just wasn’t the game for me. which i weird because i thought it was maybe i didn’t like RPG’s but i got Fable 2 and have atleast 50 hours on that in only like 2 weeks..i dunno I really don’t like fallouts enviroment and the general feel of it. And the fact ammo is impossibe to come by in the begining of the game.

  3. honestly no exaggeration: I’ve done just about everything in this game and still have to do a DLC ant I’ve stacked up about 100 hours, maybe more. It’s defiantly worth the buy but if you’re not sure, keep looking stuff up and see how you feel. The E3 trailer is what made me decide, it’s awesome.

  4. tomorrow Operation Ancarage will be released on PSN for Fallout 3 can’t wait how much you guys think i’ll cost i’m getting a $20 PSN Card so i could buy Resident Evil Director’s Cut ( CGR made my appreciate classic games more than i use to and i love Resident Evil and would to have the game that started the series ) and if Operation Ancarage is $9.99 than i can buy it

  5. Go with Fallout 3 over Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 was fun when it first came out because of the amount of people online but now, no-one plays online, but the story is definitely good in Far Cry 2, I’m about 66% done the game and I’ve put 23 hours into. But Fallout 3 is much better story wise, single player-wise, combat-wise, just better in everything. Go Fallout 3, you can get 300+ hours out of it and they’re all fantastic!

  6. Yeah that happens a lot with RPGs, with me anyways. I played Valkyria Chronicles for a week straight and then I got bored of it. As well with Oblivion, played it for 2 months non-stop and haven’t touched it since. Now with Fallout 3, I play it every so often a little at a time only a couple of hours, and it’s going to last me a few years now, and it always feels fresh.

    Great review, just subscribed =]

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