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  1. I bet this is not so funny anymore. For those of you screaming pedo. The DA filed 14 charges against Michael and couldn’t get a conviction out of 1. What a sham and a wast of tax payers money.

  2. I know what you’re thinking!

    Even though Rock was making fun of Jackson and was benefitting from it, you can see how pissed Rock was with MJ about Kid #2.

  3. lmao girliciousfan4real,

    What the hell are you talking about? If you don’t want to get publicly ridiculed don’t do anything considered socially deviant enough that gets you attention.

    If I was considered the greatest artist of all time then went from dark to near white, had a nose job, and had two cases of child molestation .. I’d expect to have a lot of attention.

    The guy held a baby out a window lol.

    It’s a comedians job to find the funny. At the end of the day its all love.

  4. Ok. But if someone was making fun of you knowing that you are sensative and knowing how much people talk about you would you laugh. Do you think Michael laughed. Probably not. You just dont pubically humiliate people. You just don’t.

  5. that stuffs funny but lil bits i think are abit ott but then again thats chris rock 4 ya he ent affraid to say anythin .. n i agree wi aslowpainfuldeath .. mj wa deprived off a normal life and of his entier childhood so im sure if any1 was in his shoes would be curious of what its like 2 be a kid maybe he went abit too far but still in his eyes he wasnt doin anythin wrong .

    r.i.p mj

  6. ure only defending m.j cuz he just died!!

    i love michael as much as the other guy but if u had seen this b4 the death u would of laughed too!!

  7. you’ve seen my dick? where you that bitch that sucked my dick last night? it was totally not worth $5 swallow next time ultratrick! now get outa here or i’ll punch you in the other eye.

  8. check this … he was created by his black father for finance,He was taken over by the white financial institutes.michael as a person was never there.The world got eveything they wanted from jackson, micheal on the other hand just got fucked.How do you expect a person to respond to his conditioning?pedophilia?

  9. LMFAO

    This is still hilarious.

    People, this was done before his death. There was no disrespect intended. He’s a comedian. Stop crying, damn.

  10. he was shy,thats why you didnt see him talk a lot on the camera or somewhere else,and he had just such a big ranch for him and the other kids because he never had a childhood he had always worked and he just could watch how the kids played outsied, how would you feel if you were at his place?i would feel alone and sad

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