Alex Jones – Brainwashing and Propaganda on TV p1 Alex Jones analyses some of the brainwashing, conditioning propaganda commercials on tv! To help fight the new world order visit http and join the infowar! Part 1/3

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  1. If he was an agent of an organisation, why would he expose so much of their wrong-doings, in the fashion that he does…I think you are way way way off the mark on this one…to point out crimes people commit, without actually pointing the finger at the culprit is definately not the work of an agent of that ciminal organisation…even if he doesnt know who is commiting the crimes, at least he is opening eyes about their crimes..put it this way, hes doing ALOT more for the truth movement than you

  2. Alex Jones is a Roman Catholic agent. He has been in the so-called truth movement for more than 10 years, and he does NOT think that the Roman Catholic Church is the most prominent player in bringing forth the New World Order. He is a fake.

  3. The rats are jumping ship.

    CHEMRISK – a research company hired by the Corn Refiners has recently taken down it’s YouTube page.

    The removal was in response to negative public perception resulting from the high-fructose corn syrup ad campaign. Apparently it has become a liability to defend the sweetener.

    See the last remaining ChemRisk video at CornRefinersAssoc on YouTube.

  4. no alex jones as a whole is full of shit m8. even in this vid the way he puts his point across way he ties things in back to his theorys is all wrong, the man been talking the same shit for 15 yrs is this man madee a vid said he was jesus christ because ….. u lot would bealive him your all in the palm of his hand and he controls what you think and how u think about things your. so brainwashed by bullshit you dont know it. one day u will wake up to this millionaire bullshitter.

  5. what part of this video do you find contains bullshit? I see facts..skeptics are always whining about there being no facts, well here you go..Now what’s the problem?

  6. alex jones ure full of shit making money out of weak minded fools who hang on every word you say pathetic. your all being brainwashed by bullshit one theory to back another = fuckall. what really sad is you all think you are the ones that are in the know when in fact your the ones brainwashed go out get a social life ffs!

  7. The fact that everyone is obese in the movie Wall-E and there are signs everywhere advertising food and things in that movie, and everyone is sitting in a chair in a zombie like… I’m curious if that is a message through the media. It’s very reminiscent of this.

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