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  1. I did not know they were his nephews too and I don’t mean any harm but could someone explain to me what’s going on in 2:22-2:23 without getting upset?

  2. i love you michael, you were truth… having said that, i’m glad i wasn’t the only person that thought the very same thing while watching this video. they could of at least put in one little chocolate drop. aand toned down the make-up and eyebrow arching on the boys. mike was just mike…

  3. Wow! I was just tellin my lil cuz about this song and group this weekend! She had know idea about them! I guess she wouldn’t remember since she was six when this came out! I came out in 1996! I used to have a crush on one of them….

  4. Would it have hurt to feature a black woman in the video? The Jackson’s are a truly talented family, and have broken many barriers for black entertainers, but their apparent worship of white beauty deeply saddens me. They could have done so much to show black is beautiful.

    Aside from Janet, that family seems to have no concept of that. ???

    Oh well, R.I.P. Mike.

  5. I saw this video for the first time yesterday and I had NO idea those were Michael’s nephews. Such a beautiful song and wonderful collaboration. Oh Michael, I wish you were still here! RIP.

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